The Midwest Automotive Design Experience

Relax in Luxury

Custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans from Midwest are converted to meet your own personal interpretation of perfection. From the time we first engage in conversation about your needs and desires, our goal is for you to feel our relentless commitment to your vision. We call this the Midwest Automotive Designs Experience.

Midwest Automotive Designs Factory & Team

Our in-house manufacturing teams allow us to tailor your luxury Sprinter Van to your exact specification. By working closely with clients who appreciate craftsmanship, and catering to the needs of your active lifestyle, we’ve designed a number of custom Sprinter Van models with your individual desires in mind.

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Midwest Sprinter Vans Customized to Perfection

Decisions regarding materials, fabrication, color pallets and technology integration are made only after you’ve discussed your desires with the Midwest Automotive Designs team. Our ability to fulfill those desires is what makes us like no other custom builder.

It’s an extraordinary level of personal service, and our customers tell us it’s a significant part of what makes owning a Midwest Automotive Designs Luxury Sprinter so alluring.

Design Experience

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